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Hello again. It seemed like forever ago the last time I penned some babblin' and this time, it's (almost) Christmas. Ho'deer. In broad strokes, I've been busy, stringing different priorities and faithfully neglecting this space. My bad on those shitty excuses. There, there. 2017 shall make up for the empty promises, I promise. ;)

Dior Technologic Sunglasses, Reformation Avalon Bodysuit, Low Classic Jeans, Armani Exchange Men's Denim Jacket, Zara Boots
Shots by Ronald W.

And while everyone's all prepped up for the season, I, on the other hand, have a biopsy appointment, an apartment renovation, and a time-split between advertising projects by end month, that I've only set up the Christmas menu yesterday. Just one, I'm a few, no family too. Who am I? Dolly, my sheep, where are you?

Christmas shopping is another feat. In collaboration with Spectacle Hut, this year's gift exchange was no riddle. Courtesy of my partner, who's a Grade-A human with pretty smooth moves, he grew me a pair. He knows. I've only three pairs of shades to throw, on the regular. He also becomes vaguely annoyed when I 'steal' his. We've been purchasing our sunglasses, eyeglasses*, and lenses** from Spectacle Hut since the beginning, and it made sense that we stay true to the OG eyewear store when it comes to gifting something lavish to our loved ones. 

I'm not one to splurge on sunglasses so when I was tucked into the car mid-rest towards the highway as I was nursing a viral infection, I was unprepared. I had my eyes fixed on a pair of Dior Technologic for a long time, that time when the collection had just launched. But it just wasn't the most logical decision to make without a sale. Fast forward to present day, the sale pitch was made to me and there's nothing truer than "good things come to those who wait". Spectacle Hut's formula? Year-end sale x All-inclusive range of designer brands*** x Try everything on for hours****

There're no rules for gifting but in a case of cringe-worthy Secret Santa faux pas, the formula is there for you. 2017's so bright, you're gonna need one. Practical or fancy, it'll always be a win-win.

*FYI: For spectacle frames, Spectacle Hut provides express service starting from 20 minutes for single vision lenses and 4 hours for progressive lenses.
**I'm not the most familiar with contact lenses but I've been informed that their wide range of contacts now includes a rosy spectacle from Anna Sui.
***Some of my favourites include Dior, Victoria Beckham, Karen Walker, Linda Farrow, and the modern vintage Sting.
****Not one stink face detected even when I drowsy-dropped a pair by accident. Still not one stank face. Impressed.

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