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       Kidding. This is something I ought to have shared earlier amidst a dungeon of misplaced hard drives. Alas, I've cleaned out all previous edits and started from square one a few days ago only to re-discover a hidden edited pile just last night from my old Macbook. I've got a couple of tricks to pick up from Ms. Kondo. Not that this was one of those cover shoots that's on the embargo, this was on the other spectrummy fondest shoot to date.

I first came across several few portfolios from Upfront, and Shiyao was one of the commercial models. Her elegance spoke to me that I decided to translate that air into a glorified tomboy. I saw it in her she could very well do editorial. Right on the hunch. Shiyao appeared sleek and subtle, with almost an angelic presence that you can't fight off. I decided to re-work the concept of the shoot into a two-tone elegance. Adapting the shoot with architectural vision, Shiyao let her poise do the talking. Her movements sway gently with forlorn eyes. Her back aged backwards towards the light in prescribed romanticism. 

Charmed, I'm sure. 

Photography: Rachel Jueyun
Assistance: E.C. Ong and Ronald W.
Styling: Rachel Jueyun
Model: Shiyao Ng
Make-up: Michelle Ge
Creative Direction: Rachel Jueyun        

Pieces worn are from StyleTribute and a fraction from stylist's own.

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