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Let's be real. Singapore is a place where we speak about a few subjects passionately, namely, Singlish and there's no hush hush about this one humidity. Ah, the challenge. So imagine, we'd play pretend that it's chilly at 8am, somehow convincing Jessica to emulate a portrait of one, snuggled upon woolly layers in sweatersweaty weather. No questions asked, she went the distance like a millennial philosopher would put it: Don't sweat the small stuff. (Although, breaking up a sweat seemed to be her beauty secret, I'll get to that later.) Boy, are we just warming up?

Where do I begin with this waif-like beauty whose baby face could warrant another installation of Twinsters on Netflix with Ju Xiaowen? There wasn't the general summary of accessories because who needs those when you have tresses like #hairgoals2k16? I remember stumbling across Jessica somehow on Instagram via The New Paper New Face buzz. Jessica was only 15 then, packed with immense amicability and desire to do well for her upcoming papers. She had no modelling background prior to the day we met but possesses what all creative director would speak of as someone with that special something. 

It's no surprise I wanted her very badly for this story which I've narrated based on re-interpreting a sports orientation by juxtaposing utilitarian dress, 70s pussy bow swirl blouse, turtleneck, and shearling textures. Of course, we had a field day. Jessica represents her school's track and field team, that would make no absolute coincidence that I had gotten her to do stretching exercises in candy creepers. While sports remains her first love, don't expect to find Jessica's unique beauty sitting by the bleachers anytime soon.  

Photography: Rachel Jueyun
Assistance: E.C. Ong and Ronald W.
Styling: Rachel Jueyun
Model: Jessica Goh
Make-up: Esta Hsu
Creative Direction: Rachel Jueyun   

Pieces worn are from Raoul and a fraction from stylist's own. Available in stores and online.

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