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I'd probably have seven rolls of undeveloped film sitting in the lonely corner of my shelves. Four rolls trolls of negatives from flaky Holga, for one of those throwbacks whenever I contract a case of hoarder's nostalgia. Then came along the freshest and progressive 35mms (good enough to be blown up) onboard my analog squad (the real #squadgoals). Photographing in film? It's not a lost art if it takes practice. Is it worth it? If you're looking for detail, tonal range, some surprise and unreplicated magic; pay the time, and reduce the heavy petting on the shutter. (Candidly speaking.)

Remember that feeling when you scored full marks for a quiz? Turn up a notch when only 5 out of 36 frames get lucky. While "ain't nobody got time for that, because probability", you would probably tease that there are countless film hacks and anyone can be a pro after being bestowed filtered blessings via the omnipresent tech drugstore, VSCO. Well, aren't we so #blessedThis isn't a sweet gospel on the retro instrument's lineage against instant feedback to pick a side in photography. But we can definitely play both sides. Although apart from Queen Bey's September cover, the stringy issue lies in taking a digital photo and unabashedly claiming it is shot by film thinking a trained eye would not be able to tell apart the clarity, realness or even expressiveness. You see, we'd know if Beyonce is wearing a weave lookin' #flawless. No tea no shade. There is a fine line between taking a photo and trying to replicate the film effect versus challenging your integrity by taking a digital photo and claiming that it is shot on film. Does it count as a sacrilegious short-cut?

And as to why I didn't photoshop my boyfriend's gluten-induced belly? "Not everything can be perfect in the world." If visuals tell a sort of fantasy apart from reality, we should always keep our artistic integrity in check. Who knows? After nature's finely grounded and bearded mortals -- the Lumbersexuals, bellied men could very well be having a moment next. (#TeamGrace)
H&M hat, Cameo boyfriend jeans, Innit ruffle top         
Shots by me and Ronald W.

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