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Last year, I was adamant about moving away from home for exposure. It's not like I've changed my mind. What I meant was, plans stay the same and so does my sentiment of belonging. I've felt closer to those bright lights in this little big city. This year has been reflective. After Lee Kuan Yew's recent passing, we took a time-travel back to 50 years ago when we claimed our independence as a young nation with nothing available and everything to prove to the world as a #comebackkid. Singapore is beautiful, but like beauty itself, is subjective. For some, it's merely a country to transit between places, but for others, it beckons the traveler to return again and again to our changing cityscape. You can't please everyone but you can certainly amaze them. It may be a small country but it's a damn inspiring one. With so many talents and boundless creativity, we are our unique local flavour to the spice of life. So on 9 August, we celebrate. 

As my friends would know, Rachel doesn't do crowds and she certainly doesn't put up a commitment to purchase a carbon fibre tripod a day before, and camp out until sparks flew. I'd have to say the idea was planted by a Facebook-shared article that got me going, "Challenge accepted." I thought, "What better way to pay tribute to the Golden Jubilee than re-creating the skyline." There are a few moments I never thought would ever occur or predict would happen myself -- 1. Adjourning with the crowd and 'try' shooting fireworks 2. Getting a high from the success at it (although, the measure of success would be underwhelming when compared to netizens calling dibs on this lady). It turns out that YouTube tutorials don't quite work, and that frequently switching exposures is key so does dressing up like an insect-repelling private investigator and spending the rest of your night post-processing*.

During the random spurts and final 5-minute display, my left hand was on the shutter button, right hand on the iPhone, and shoulders strapped with Instax, going for the money shot. The last few seconds got me reflecting that the view above and all that surrounds me is more than a home. It is more than just comfort but a reminder for our pursuits. Our founding father urged us to find the horizon and ride the rainbow. We are taught to keep advancing, to be a better self. To walk the talk and remember humility from our roots. And never be complacent. And it just clicked, I just clicked. 

Homie, you follow?

Happy National Day.

*Please seek consent if you wish to share or use this photo.

Shots taken by yours truly, lens provided by Camera Rental Centre

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