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Bookers, never judge a model based on her height (unless you're a height nazi like Alex Perry) because this PYT* -- girl can model. Like fashion, the modelling industry is equally fickle. When I was fifteen, tall Eurasians ruled the local glossies, and then with a larger share of Asia consumerism, the token Asian models of Liu Wen, Ming Xi, and Tao Okamoto followed. Then came the wave of Insta-famous models in the likes of Kendall Jenner (duh), Gigi Hadid, and Cara Delevingne, where social media currency is king. As numbers thrived, even Marc Jacobs had to eat his words for dissing Cara. Is novelty eventually going to help hopefuls get the job?  Maybe that's the silver lining of it all.

So what made me so sure I'd want to do a shoot with this 19-year-old? Her spontaneous attitude and confidence has spoken more than her talent for modelling can. Oh, and abs that rock harder than anyone else's. I'm also sick of petite models being typecasted to 'talents' or 'beauty' or 'commercial'. Who's going to make a difference in this industry then? Wait for the moment when 'short' models are finally in because someone notable decides to cast a 5'2'' model at fashion week? No. Just no. I'm open and curious just as I'd like to surprise, and that will set my work apart from the rest. 

Obviously, our shoot took more than 50 frames, with the very first 50 frames a time allowance for me to include the unfiltered natural light of small talks to ease up any stiff shoulders and to know plentiful about this free-spirited beauty. Prior to our shoot, I see Ana with a natural buzz of Binx Walton or even Alexis Primous. In reality that also contended with my expectations, she seemed to also generate Emma Watson vibes. The varying looks I experienced behind the lens from frame to frame stuns me. Ana could easily represent any fraction of diversity with a distinct elegance. She's a chameleon and there wasn't any sort of self-imposed pressure to enjoy shooting her. The fact that she was able to be self-deprecating and join in the monkeying post-shoot with her contagious personality was just vibin' us the right way.

*pretty young thing

Photography: Rachel Jueyun
Assistance: E.C. Ong and Ronald W.
Styling: Rachel Jueyun
Model: Anastasia Nazarova
Make-up: Michelle Ge
Creative Direction: Rachel Jueyun   

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