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If Ellery and Rosie Assoulin are joint first place for their flair for flares, (CFDA advisory) you gotta take a chance. My seamstress previously warned me against balloon-y flared trousers at all cost due to my height and discounted genetics of a 6-4 proportion (life's no beauty contest), so obviously, I didn't think twice greeting those Reformation flares with a head full of ways to centre them into my staples. Well, true enough I did figure out my seamstress's point. As long as the flares don't go too wide--an inner dome enough to hide your kids and hide your wife--you are good to commute without further mockery. The dramatic flares may be exclusive to models but thankfully, my pants were more of a narrowly defined trumpet fit than anything. For the Go Big option, I'd advise you step it up with a Heel Immersion Programme, uh, five inches and up. Kelso might just give you a double take.



| Editorial |

If Summer and Resort seasons were engaged... What are the chances of a divorce?

While the merger of fancy palm prints, relaxed creases, and textured layering are no lightweight, it's time we ditch the Hawaiian prints and maxi skirts at the beach and toughen up in industrial glamour. 

To Toucan or not Toucan? 
While a knotted bustier has successfully disguised my pictorial flight as a tropical bird, I broke out a olive neoprene (with extra perspiration) to address a clean cut transformation into a Amazonian warrior princess. 

So am I a royal bird, yet?