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By now, the meme generation must have been unamused at the repetitious slew of inevitable punny Seoul travel #hashtags. If Ryan Gosling's cereal vine tribute could only get more addictive and attractive by the replay button, and Kylie Jenner's filled/unfilled lips (Is it any of our smoochy little business?) are on our top debate list in the weekly countdown, would one ever pour a bucket of sorts in the form of a hat to the same circumference where Lana Del Rey floral crowns, tiaras, and Coachella head chains dominate? Are dented crowns so discriminated? Are they only for swag collectors who wear draped joggers and consume strictly the Supreme logo diet? Does the said accessory not garner enough votes to be called for more gender wearability, less stunted badass quotient, more significant retail sales index, and cropped consumption-gap on the streets? Are they not worthy?

Life-Changing Trend To Try In May: The Wildly-Mocked Sibling Of Floppy Hats
Where there is Anja Rubik + bucket hat = Spanish Vogue cover, there is such hope, much appeal. Surely, but slowly. The muted growth of the bucket hat is creeping in, a shaggy do at a time, one gentrification at a slow era. I mean, even the fishermen do it for the UV, sans pretension. #AccesSorryNotSorry #BucketForHeadPresident

Loosen up a little, Internet. There's no need for a litmus test to be legit.

Leather Bucket Hat from Seoul -- similar here, Mesh Ruffle Crop Top from Bangkok -- similar here, Zara Leather Booties -- similar style here, Finders Keepers New Line Pant, Karen Walker Number One Sunglasses, Boyfriend Shirt c/o of my boyfriend -- similar here, Uniqlo 100% Cashmere Scarf -- similar here
Shots by E.C Ong

Despite looming wintry conditions, there were no gold threads and fox fur in plain sight but puff jackets in Dolby Surround fashion--all around you. There I was, a happy camper coated thicker than Dakgangjeong, except in monochromatic mesh and sash, resembling like the average art student or multi-label store curator or that street punk that sass sashay shante-d along Hongdae, which quickly translated into a mini K-pop dance routine in 46 shots, enough for 5 long drags from the water boy's cigarette break. Someone say YOLO?

Give me some (street) credit, Coolpuffs.

Disclaimer: I make no mistake to my unmeasured allegiance to the norm in normcore. No, it does not weigh 55 pounds a Guo whopPeing couture. 

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