| Photography |

Bookers, never judge a model based on her height (unless you're a height nazi like Alex Perry) because this PYT* -- girl can model. Like fashion, the modelling industry is equally fickle. When I was fifteen, tall Eurasians ruled the local glossies, and then with a larger share of Asia consumerism, the token Asian models of Liu Wen, Ming Xi, and Tao Okamoto followed. Then came the wave of Insta-famous models in the likes of Kendall Jenner (duh), Gigi Hadid, and Cara Delevingne, where social media currency is king. As numbers thrived, even Marc Jacobs had to eat his words for dissing Cara. Is novelty eventually going to help hopefuls get the job?  Maybe that's the silver lining of it all.



| Photography |

I'd probably have seven rolls of undeveloped film sitting in the lonely corner of my shelves. Four rolls trolls of negatives from flaky Holga, for one of those throwbacks whenever I contract a case of hoarder's nostalgia. Then came along the freshest and progressive 35mms (good enough to be blown up) onboard my analog squad (the real #squadgoals). Photographing in film? It's not a lost art if it takes practice. Is it worth it? If you're looking for detail, tonal range, some surprise and unreplicated magic; pay the time, and reduce the heavy petting on the shutter. (Candidly speaking.)



| Personal |

Last year, I was adamant about moving away from home for exposure. It's not like I've changed my mind. What I meant was, plans stay the same and so does my sentiment of belonging. I've felt closer to those bright lights in this little big city. This year has been reflective. After Lee Kuan Yew's recent passing, we took a time-travel back to 50 years ago when we claimed our independence as a young nation with nothing available and everything to prove to the world as a #comebackkid. Singapore is beautiful, but like beauty itself, is subjective. For some, it's merely a country to transit between places, but for others, it beckons the traveler to return again and again to our changing cityscape. You can't please everyone but you can certainly amaze them. It may be a small country but it's a damn inspiring one. With so many talents and boundless creativity, we are our unique local flavour to the spice of life. So on 9 August, we celebrate. 



| Travel |

There are many cities that are could easily charm our socks off, make us book the next ticket out and then compare our expectations of those wallpaper worthy Google Image searches that we are so alluded to once we step foot into the said city. I reckon, it's not about making a checklist of Instagram-able photo walks but how you choose to celebrate the city's magnificence by soaking in its architecture, culture, food, and more importantly, localising yourself--with the locals themselves. Marrakech may seem like a distant memory now but the fondest of times were spent appreciating the amount of effort the Moroccans do to make you feel thoroughly at home. Airbnb, you say? Do your research, I say, and pick a darn good riad (preferably one with spectacular views, and that is safe and cosy). 

Hot tip: Stay during the off-peak season so you don't have to wait until the Atlas Mountains collects snow, for previous guests to get off that cabana.



| Outfit |

If Ellery and Rosie Assoulin are joint first place for their flair for flares, (CFDA advisory) you gotta take a chance. My seamstress previously warned me against balloon-y flared trousers at all cost due to my height and discounted genetics of a 6-4 proportion (life's no beauty contest), so obviously, I didn't think twice greeting those Reformation flares with a head full of ways to centre them into my staples. Well, true enough I did figure out my seamstress's point. As long as the flares don't go too wide--an inner dome enough to hide your kids and hide your wife--you are good to commute without further mockery. The dramatic flares may be exclusive to models but thankfully, my pants were more of a narrowly defined trumpet fit than anything. For the Go Big option, I'd advise you step it up with a Heel Immersion Programme, uh, five inches and up. Kelso might just give you a double take.



| Editorial |

If Summer and Resort seasons were engaged... What are the chances of a divorce?

While the merger of fancy palm prints, relaxed creases, and textured layering are no lightweight, it's time we ditch the Hawaiian prints and maxi skirts at the beach and toughen up in industrial glamour. 

To Toucan or not Toucan? 
While a knotted bustier has successfully disguised my pictorial flight as a tropical bird, I broke out a olive neoprene (with extra perspiration) to address a clean cut transformation into a Amazonian warrior princess. 

So am I a royal bird, yet?



| Outfit |
By now, the meme generation must have been unamused at the repetitious slew of inevitable punny Seoul travel #hashtags. If Ryan Gosling's cereal vine tribute could only get more addictive and attractive by the replay button, and Kylie Jenner's filled/unfilled lips (Is it any of our smoochy little business?) are on our top debate list in the weekly countdown, would one ever pour a bucket of sorts in the form of a hat to the same circumference where Lana Del Rey floral crowns, tiaras, and Coachella head chains dominate? Are dented crowns so discriminated? Are they only for swag collectors who wear draped joggers and consume strictly the Supreme logo diet? Does the said accessory not garner enough votes to be called for more gender wearability, less stunted badass quotient, more significant retail sales index, and cropped consumption-gap on the streets? Are they not worthy?



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It was Spring at about 11 degrees in the cherry blossom tunnel. With a good streak of YOLOs and an added incentive of being freshly popped 25, I decided to make thigh popsicles. Why, Rachel? Why? For no good reason--or because fashion? In the spirit of denim, in true @badgalriri fashion.



| Travel |

Obviously, (between Bangkok and I) I wear the pants in this relationship. If you'd leave me to describe the the city of perfected Yum Mamas and Kenya Moore "Gone With The Wind Fabulous" Siam store fronts, we have nothing but irreconcilable similarities. Unlike most of my fellow homebabes, I have with myself no formal training cruising the Sois, and so, I literally ran around exactly like how I gastronomically and economically de-flowered myself at Whole Foods last Winter.