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In my early twenties, I've certainly learnt two things (or three): 1) Don't give a damn. 2) Repeat point above.

I'm not saying this is what people call "Parisian Chic", neither is this my way of saying that you could hang a Céline trio on your bare shoulders and get away with looking like a class act at the Versailles. Should you go by this rule, you've got some serious reflection to do. Pun unintended. 

If Stella McCartney could serve up a soulful assembly gliding in comfort wear which juxtaposes the Palais Garnier interior, why not? No, seriously [divy hair flick]. The balancing beam theory rings for I have the chandeliers, marbled interiors, and gold to luxe up for me.

Wherever you are- 3) In some way, style must reflect a form of comfort. Even if you know you will be slapping through a daunting throng of tourists with your lob because that's really how you doll up here.

Ba dum tss.

Pardon my bad habit of coordinating anything with a pair of shades. You never know when you've had too much carbs, your face starts its fermentation process and puffs up quicker than your breakfast table croissant. But I must say, it's my neat trick to looking some sort of graceful.  

Unlike Vogue's Marie Antoinette themed shoot which was wiggedly sensational, I decided to "feel at home" in pleated tentacles. It wasn't before 15 minutes, that I had heard the announcement for hall closure. Curious peepers started to scurry out as I went in the opposite direction. 

Mirrors check, twirly pinks check, fluffy pants check, lounge slides check (because boyfriend jeans  and slides are the new convertible dancewear). I compose an auto-tuned jazz, the chandeliers illuminate the room while I double-check an action off my to-dos - gratuitous full blast Commoner Pirouette, some call it the Swirl & Twirl and then some, Sashay the heck outta Shante.

Curtain call. Coach Shante out.

These shots of the grand interiors within the Versailles wouldn't be possible without the 35mm 1.4 wide angle lens co-sponsored by Camera Rental Centre.
Innit Bangkok Pleat Top, Cameo On Sight Boyfriend JeansKaren Walker Number One Sunglasses, ASOS Leather Slides, Larsson & Jennings Watch, NoBeing Initial Stamped Pearl Earrings                                   
Shots by Ronald W.
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