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Paris and a whole lotta je ne sais quoi in the form of church coordinates. It's not even Paris Fashion Week yet.

3.1 Phillip Lim Mini Pashli, Karen Walker Number One Sunglasses, ASOS Leather Slides, Larsson & Jennings Watch, Zara Wide Trousers, Moschino Double Wrap Bracelet, ASOS Slip Dress, Zara Tartan Blazer, Wearing Burberry Lipcover in Oxblood
                                                                                                           Shots by Ronald W.

My thought process on getting dressed in the land of Carine Roitfelds was simple, although not without the presence of my phone preloaded with looks I had already planned and shot as a flatlay. See, as much effort as I put to effortless wear, I do find myself having 'nothing to wear' and end up restitching new looks like this one - tucking a long slip dress (that was really what I wore to bed every night in Paris) into loose crepe-bulge friendly trousers.

"Put that dog collar away, please," my man echoed, spying from the living room. "I do agree it kinda looks like it but at least I'm in theme with the French bulldogs here. Why not generate more cost per wear with its versatility that you can wear it two ways? [talk to my hand]" I retorted. We were half kidding. He knows I coordinate my outfits unapologetically. Also, how can we much closer bond without first trying to repel him by elevating sleepwear to a very specific bon chic la Parisienne luxe? After all, the French exudes sexiness and midnight in Paris (the actual preferred time when the French are still having their dinner) is just another excuse to tuck into bed later without hassle. So excusez moi, it's legit. 

Now by the fountain below the Sacre Coeur, I've christened "The New Classlip" and inverted its shame to glory. Pair them lace with leather slides so people take you seriously (at the part when you actually climb the full series of steps). Or simply get sneaky (shoes). Balance and rid the tourist demeanor - If shoes are light, dressed up the top with a blazer, and vice versa. C'mon, it's the end of summer, this is no sweat!

Photos are also tested and shot by a 35mm 1.4 wide angle lens co-sponsored by Camera Rental Centre.

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