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So, funny story. Where do I begin? I've been meaning to share this with you guys but was held back several times because I'm trying hard not to jinx it. After all, right after hinting a camel trip to the Sahara via a virtual 612 by 612 px - I got alarmed by MERS and subsequently cancelled the tour. More recently, you would have heard of the fatal Ebola. While Ron and I have been worrying on an every half-daily basis checking news like Instagram feed, praying in every direction, I ended up infected by a bacteria myself, staying cooped for the last four days owing to stomach flu. That bug left me with a shoulda coulda woulda. Screw it. Let the countdown begin. Oops, I forgot. Yes, here it is, I'm heading to Marrakech, Morocco! I can't even- Just gawk at these. 

I'm floored. And I'm not even there yet.

As I've been burying my head perusing travel guides half my weight, online and offline, I did seemingly get off-course, simply from being too concerned to plan ahead - my freelance schedule, packing lists, shopping list (for this coming trip), and trying to be in good shape (don't worry, the stomach flu is not related). The initial excitement slowly dulled. The thing is, friends were incredibly ecstatic, the sort that I had weightlessly conceived for months since December last year. We had gotten the tickets almost a year in advance, which also meant, I had to skip the upcoming New York Fashion Week. Boohoo.

Having a good plan, a long-term one, is so important and to resolve the overwhelming, uncollected emotions and whirlwind panic within weeks after quitting my job can really kill your mood. After recovering from the flu, I began to reflect on what my Virgo pals had all preached, "Have fun on your trip, stop worrying, everything can wait 'til you're back."

That was all from the wisefolks. 

I admit, I was a complete douche-pouch who had forgotten to live in the moment. It's going to be a long (well-deserved) trip, and on behalf of you fellow gawkers, I'll make damn sure the best of it. As I would have preferred the homeliness in rented apartments, in Morocco, riads are a better idea for immaculate decor perfection and full-fledged poolside glamour. Thankfully, La Sultana will delight us with the beauty of Marrakech and most definitely, how to truly descend into faux royalties with real benefits. Boy, are we lucky... Think marbled bath tubs, Arabesque floor tiles, rich colours, Cleopatra service, and the majestic view of the Atlas Mountains.

Now, will you excuse me while I ward off any potential omen with a Moroccan mint tea shower.

Stay awesome. X

Exclusive stay and official photographs c/o La Sultana Hotels

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