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In the game of double dying and canvas coating, one can expect great utility in varying styles - casual luxe, neo grunge, or any walking statement that connotes a fancy troublemaker.

Liebe es oder hasse es. Liebeskind, love child of fashion insiders, gatherer of fall's dark hues while paired with summer's feisty persona leaves no room for snobbery. Who does that when you're armed with a baggage of attitude. You know what they say about risk takers. They reap a lot more at the end, and the equation is simple, as it may look tough (because it is). Purple? Burgundy?* "These colours are not on my usual rotations." Rugged buttery leather? "Too difficult to pair them." Cracked texture? "It's not in trend yet." Well... Look, Ma!

People brush away these thoughts way too quickly without sampling the unlimited cool factor it presents. Unless you are that paranoid about your resting bish face, rock it, embrace it. Here's where fashion is at play, never mind the plague of your minions grumbling. Although, we do unanimously agree great pieces that come by as such are not for the weak-hearted**, these babies are handy, relentlessly cool, and reliable. It's hard to have them fail you to sit next to Janis and Damian (who's Regina George anyway?!). Buzz me, pull my hair, do whatever, if a tough decision ever rests on your arms. I'll be happy to play dress up for you. 

*By the way, oxblood is still totally relevant - last fall, this summer, and next fall. Oh slather that lipstick all over like butter.
**Weak-hearted: A subject devoid of self-esteem and confidence, with a belief that ignorance is bliss, and ultimately rests with no guts, which leaves one with no glory.

Liebeskind Collection for Doorstep Luxury is available online and in stores.

Look 2: Liebeskind Anny Firebrick Double Dyed, ASOS Top, Vila Pants
Look 3: Liebeskind Amela Firebrick Double Dyed, Nike Corset, Nastygal Leather Pants, H&M Leather Jacket
Look 4: Liebeskind Oceana Purple Canvas Coated, Cameo Cape Blazer, Urban Outfitter Lace Lingerie, Nastygal Leather Pants

Styling, grooming, and creative directions by Yours Truly. 
Shots by Ronald W.

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