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As far as I'm concerned, it's not all that hard to pull off a Kardashian lifestyle.

 Like how every other Cosmopolitan guide offers you "Which bikini to complement each body shape?", Triangl's got me completely (semi) covered. While the next celeb tabloid fools you with an elusive theory on a fab beach bod, capitalise on confidence and thank the Gods of Bondi Waves for Triangl

Granted, a member of the small-boob camp away from the leagues of Pam Anderson, Lil' Kim, or any Victoria's Secret Angels, enter my declaration exclaiming "My body is ready! My body is ready!" in this equation of melting points – sun, salty skin, and swimwear. Should my prolific chant make sense, wreak your futile exercise in surpassing your bra size and enjoy your swim garb. Let's get real. 

While in Asia, I got on a yacht to the next cove thanks to the beauty of their Instagram. It dangerously works and gets you lusting for a little snorkel adventure to matching its bright hues to sunsets and reefs which sports no coincidence. If you don't live by the rules, hit the waters with a mesh bikini top – a regular spot on the runway this Summer '14 and Spring '15. Holesome. And as instantaneously, runway report has it that sports luxe was the most explored trend that went on for several seasons – equipped with an almost inexhaustible range of neoprene that just keeps foaming

The Bondi beach-bummed Australians know it best - by indulging my pure indolence to forget the buckles and making sure there are no strings (needed to be) attached the end of those string-pulling mischiefs. 

Get the star of this summer here, here, and here.

 Featuring Penny Wanderlust Bikini c/o Triangl Swimwear

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