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I've hit a speed bump.

I'm also here to let you know that I'm alive.

Before the asphyxiation of runway ramblings, colour trends talk, and travelogues; pardon my snooze - the hiatus is over. If the adage "You snooze you lose" is true, it would be half correct that I took time as a tuner to get myself checked.


In the midst of my anti-brouhaha, I got a crop and dye job courtesy of Jean Yip out of my Hannah Horvath moment. To kick it back a little more, a trip to Lazarus Island to unwind while the world ponders upon Riri's see-through CFDA gown, retailers' expansion craze, and Asians' uninterrupted momentum to evolve BB creams to DD creams to BB cushions so we don't lose face. 

As opposed to vying with greed for praise and attention, I for one, went juicing for some private time over social media and the written word. From the point of the observer, I subversively classified recent events I've attended where I was stuck in a reception with a select candid bunch of high-heeled maraschino cherries - the oxymoron of deafening silence and for some a slew of gibberish to rid the overwhelming discomfort. I was mindful about burning out from what was deemed incongruous contrary to the ones I've attended in the Big Apple. Tea anyone? 

Thus, an untitled 'holiday'. Call it a disappearing act. Without mystery, ain't life bland? No mystery puts a rush to your head more than one that wears rad clothes but doesn't tell you where to shop it. Right? Chill out. 

Call it a no-brainer to opt for a blackout. Savvy move? Maybe. Put your vision to perspective then get back to business.* Or you might lose yourself in the process. You know the drill and all that sass. Now, where my utility blouse at? [Fade to black]

*Translation: I'm back, bishes.
Quay Eyewear Baileys, Bikini Top c/o Triangl, LoveBonito Palazzo Pants -- similar here, H&M Leather Jacket -- similar here                  Shots by Chanel O.
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