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Announcement: Tsukiji Market business as per usual, with or without your wet-weather plans. In any circumstances, do not panic if your knees end up swimming in wild nori. Come back again and camp out with a tamago lolly.

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                                                                                                           Shots by Ronald W.

Wooing after the train station's announcements in animated falsetto, Ron and I departed for Tsukiji Market. Stripped off any warmth against the menacing snow fall, we were completely drenched (little did we know of the different melting points between New York and Tokyo), here you skip puddles not slush. Our ankles were soaked with moss in fish market survivor-style, trudging in calf-deep water overwhelmingly passed on from one's fisherman boots to the other, nothing dramatic, really. Just a whole lot of muscle strength. I exchanged my words to Ron in cold puffs, "Let's do this!". At that point, movement was crucial. "Why are we not filming this? The extreme weather and your determination to hunt for that 1000 yen uni bento is admirable!" he scoffed hard. We had diminished the thought of buying a GoPro at the electronic store previously in the name of Keep-to-the-budget-at-Times-Square. There's much to improve on our planning with multi-city trips, I'll keep in mind Murphy's Law.   

We tried hard not to burst out in an argument knowing we were way too unfit to do so, other than emit vibrations. Quickly, we became one odd-shaped walking sleeping bag. We could be too chilled out about it. It was 6 a.m., he's cranky at the harsh winds, I'm cranky (in the hungry way). [chop chop claps] I promised my man, "Calm down, we'll come back." Once more. 

Days after gunking out on Disneyland treats, hunting with effective sugar rush, we made it to our second chase, in good fortune to devour the third sushi joint at Tsukiji - Sushi Dai, the next best thing since pearl rice. Gladly abiding Jiro's golden rule - No raw fish swimming in soy sauce, it was possibly, the best breakfast we had without going Michelin-stargazing. Ain't nobody got time for that. With unparalleled freshness, and exceeding beyond the tagline of M&Ms' standards, we were happy. Happy doing business with you, Tsukiji*.


*Subjected to the unusual wet 'n' wild sacramental rite mentioned above

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