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Announcement: Tsukiji Market business as per usual, with or without your wet-weather plans. In any circumstances, do not panic if your knees end up swimming in wild nori. Come back again and camp out with a tamago lolly.



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In the new-age world, most fashion enthusiasts and publications would have caught up with a fashion conference or two, unless the tickets were sold out. That was my case, as of my last minute New York jaunt. I had missed listening to Leandra, Aimee, and dear Susie

With good indigestible fortune from the expired fortune cookie since the last chopsuey, I'm attending my first fashion commerce conference. Here's where you load up your bag of tricks, aspiring tastemakers. With a streamlined panel made up with some of the biggest names such as Thomas Tait and Steven Kolb of CFDA, baby you'll rule and live that fantasy*. 

Whether it's going to bring you new business ideas, strike your momentum, and/or re-ignite your confidence, this is for every go-getter - a personalised learning experience. That is ridiculously my point - where an industry made of skin-tight chameleons is constantly changing, it gets harder (or you get lazy) to keep up to date on the latest trends and technologies that are elevating how we view fashion & retail. With such interests being an indispensable investment; hear conversations, insights, and the f-code to get the right foot in the door. Mind your business!

Whilst the massive load of brainpower starts 15-17 May, you don't wanna lose out. Choose your note-taking weapon and I'll see you there! Godspeed! X

* I really just meant that you're gonna go places, buttercup.