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My first time experimenting tomboy style was during a debut play, Lord of The Flies. I was 16, with a fresh face uncomfortably tier-caked by stick foundation. I then had gender neutral fittings of khakis, mud browns, and dirty creams. Not to forget, for punch of drama -- Cara eyebrows that weren't as spectacularly deemed perfect then, adorned with scratchy blotches of face paint.      

Fast forward to present day, Koonhor has whipped up a steady formula to save those who missed the train - navy, clean face, slick hair, to reward any newbie going the androgynous route 10 gold stars, and for me, a gold SYF award had I been more inspired to tide against the average tomboy attire. Could this blurry act of homogenisation be a glorious coincidence? How could the unflinching duo, Koon Lim and Catherine Thé, go through a hardware-free magnificence yet convey an intense and suspenseful consistency? I beg to boast.  

Admittedly, the collection seemed to see repetitive versions in a streamline of models but that social commentary is totally legitimate. That's the power of illusion in uniformity. Again! It's the killer tomboy code so get on the rules already: layering, degree of separates, textures, and if you'd like, similar hues. Beyond the shirt, the crisp sweats, and the mellifluous motifs catalysing the form-fitting aphorism "Calm Cool Collected", a transfiguration shakes up - from an overplaying character to a buoyant force, which is an absolute thriller. Catch some breaths.

Solve and simplify and it's all together a different beast. As you rehearse to pull an Esther Quek, which can be pretty stressful, down a cuppa, fellas. These are more subdued gears to bag, to add, and to revamp for inimitability, I am obsessed to possess.

 Shots by Yours Truly

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