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Why hello, Curly Sue. What's new? Given the shape of my face and hair length, it is duly noted to all hairpros that it's a no-brainer to whip out that curling iron. Things like that come naturally, no? And indeed, for every campaign shoot, I... get that - art director to hair stylist's upper body language go: "You know what to do." 

T by Alexander Wang Silk Bralette, Zara Leather Tracks -- similar here, Midi Rings -- similar here, Charles & Keith Mules              Shots by Ronald W.

But don't get me wrong. I have no complaints. There are moments when you are extremely skeptical about something when you might really just be ignorant. Mervin, Jean Yip's Hair Director, attentively maneuvers the hot tool, sifting through the right amount of strands, to clipping and lowering my brown-blacks to full Italian glamour.

A shoot later, the man who barely had time for his arms to climb akimbo, swiftly directed me back to my seat, ready for another tricky one - "a half-body wave this time," he said with glee. I was amused. "Another curl?", I wondered how this master who was about to perform an old Hollywood red carpet look for me. "Don't they all look somewhat twin-like?" 

15 minutes later, my jaw numbed, then gave way. I now repent all ignorance I used to have about mediocurls and whatever useless formula that had fallen upon the "fail" techniques by my untrained hands. Mama, look!

It took me 23 years 11 months 28 days 15 hours and 15 minutes for this [finger snap] revelation - the vast amount of interpretations in the art of tress-circulation.

Apart from two hairdos (that had made me feel 5 notches above any diva), Mervin continued with a deep wave curl that eventually gave me a coily attitude. Post- studio time got me head-banging just so I could disassemble every circular motives supposedly buzzing around my head. Ta-duh! [Points above] Barely an achievement, but I call this "the rojak" (a salad dish concocted by Singaporeans/Malaysians).

Beyond curling iron affairs, the attentive team at Jean Yip (here's winking at you, Nicole) had gone from springing up my hair into masterpiece material. To the hair wisdom, to the loopy fun afterwards, I'd keep in mind the consequences of my almost reckless peroxide suicide behaviour. 

I will not bleach it. Yes, Mervin. 
But, but, it's my blonde ambition. Yes, David. 

Can I, may I at least... Yes, Ma. 

All right? All right. 

Make-up by Michelle Ge
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