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Charlotte Ronson is no stranger to creating feminine palettes on ethereal, dewy beauties. That was it? Not really. Texturising metallics with velvet fabrics thus far put every current heroine characters to shame. Oh glorious.

Subtlety within fabrics to touch and feel are the first thing anyone would expect to be the numbed-jaw factor, but no, not for this Ronson. A set to vamp up the flirty setting in the blue black, gilded headbands, Cara-esque brows accompanied by friction reduction with the rosiest cheeks could be the formula. We feel like we're on the edge of our seats with this one except, something's actually blooming to meet our gaze. The great floral expectation. Made of winks, pouts, mimi buns, and glitter. It has been a mid-vintage field to flutter about as imagined by Ronson. As broken bells do, darkness is key, in collective breaths, pure heroines smize on point, doing the hula with their sheer dresses that blares our closets' sunny disposition in-eloquent. I feel like, feel like... Let's hook up the halters, steal some glow, and let's move to Sugar Town. Who's with me?

 Shots by Yours Truly

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