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Other than the Little Black Dress (LBD), many often overlook its Fun-Fresh-Fierce (FFF) counterpart - a bright as poppy number, mostly led astray via tradition as a great auspicious look for each Lunar New Year. I was misinformed until I turned 21.

Featuring Uma Dress c/o of Stolen, Zara Sequin Extreme Cropped Jacket, Cropped Jacket -- similar here, ASOS Sunglasses, Leather Boots -- similar here, Tartan pant -- similar here, Really awesome earmuffs from a New York designer store I happen to stumble upon                                                                                                                                             Shots by Ronald W.

Here, I'm about to throw that consensus right into a pool of convenient excuses. 

Eight days into New York, I found myself leading a severely sedentary holiday (the cold always almost makes you want nothing but a hot chocolate), it's not like walking about the manic street didn't dizzy me up. Simply, having an unseasoned wintry vacation was the best excuse to chuck that checklist-bucketlist aside. 

What I did next was, well, close enough. To an extent, the best I could deal. 

With a semi-success attempt to transform my dress into a sporty DKNY-esque Spring '14 look, my day went about like a breeze, dropped my tonne of coat whenever I could, and ran about my shows in utter ease, specifically the wind-in-the-hair easy breezy types. Whilst Stolen has perfectly captured the art of backless, fine cuts, and flair, the label is not only easy to the lips (What lessons?), but also to the graphical touch. 

Much versatility to its collections, Elyn, the producer of such full-blown allure [peeks with virtual binoculars] gets minimalism with a snap of her finger, offsets any figure sum. The streets that were blessed in much sludge, turned into unhired ruffians to my maxi and so were they to the rest of NYC taxis. Lucky for me at the "fuzz-paced" Fashion Tent, I share Uma's architectural paramount to creating the best first impressions when met with the Fashion Week media. Fluidity is key, there's no such thing as being body-conscious in basic geometry. This will be the hidden finesse to marking Stolen's articulated needlework.

Slice me a piece**, whenever

Later at dusk, presented to me was the infinite feeling - going against the chilly wind on the 70th floor of Rockefeller. I was set abloom [dramatic elemental expression]. It did feel very much like a Flower by Kenzo commercial, yes yes. 

You see, I'd bring Lena's famous code out of context with regards to Little Red Dress (LRD), which is however true*: All adventurous women do.

*If this is an absurd choice for a candidate number, think about what went through Le Wintour's mind doing a Kimye cover. Trick: The virality to make it to the talk of the town. Think it.

** Stolen pieces are available via contact@stolenstolen.com, view more here, here, and here.

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