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Sally, Sally... Your collection is a riddle, and I like it very much. Not so much about hitting in like a gatecrasher halfway through your show after the wrath of the NYC traffic for spending an extra five minutes sampling Lombardi's. It was really good but yes, I'd much prefer to have a take-away cuppa just so I could re-see your collection again.

I did catch LaPointe's mood swings in no less than 10 models. Delicate, poetic, and driven to the tip of the iceberg in chunky wool disguise. If I were this close to recreating her show ever, I'd try and take away the bare aesthetic in Quasimodo to inject verbal slouch and her harder edged tuxedo pants to fit it on Margot Tenenbaum. As if, Margot needs another dosage of confidence, this is LaPointe's secret. It's the boost, intangible from touch and feel. It's the fish skin that maketh the clutch, the peplum bustier that maketh the gown, and delicious turtlenecks that take your breath away. 
Bite it. Own it.    

 Shots by Yours Truly

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