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On a humid night, I was deep in discussion with like-minded friends on the topic of Singaporeans being the most passive and unhappiest in the world, and true enough, a wilfully-gathered commentary was in today's news. It struck me that graciousness was 'lacking' (according to my own variables and research) in our society, and after returning from New York and Tokyo, the mood here was more sombre and serious. I felt uninspired, but I digress (you don't deserve my rants, really). Instead of pouring my disappointment to the nearest landfill, I switched it up:

It however brings me unrivalled joy as I recap the observations I made while style-stalking New York Fashion Week.

Post-show crowd: I was stunned? Chic-as-heck-nistas, some with hair full blown of sass sashayed out of the shows with micro minis sans cashmere or wool. Goodness gracious, don't they feel the cold wind drifting through their bodies? Then I took a peripheral view on the stage that is outside Lincoln Center. "Ah." I smirked. The limousines. Damn, I wish I had one.

There was a clear divide, an amusing one. Here I am, part of the mix with these peeper-friendly civil couture citizens going about their businesses and not giving a care in the world. And back home, some of the fashion crowd transformed to fashion police robots sizing and beaming you up and down with their detectors - catty whispers that is cowardly transmitted in an assembly line to their counterparts. Should I be quivering? Funny that being self-effacing doesn't help either. Once again, the lack of graciousness and compassion theory rings truer. You think?

The line between sass and spice will always be (in this case) New York and Singapore, and honey, they are not the same. I'm open for genial discussions about changing this "Bish-please" culture for a better one. Meanwhile, I'm pleased to meet you [attends to steep some tea].

P.S. It's one thing to look and marvel, pause for appreciation, but another to stare and judge. For the latter, I'm disappointed for the lack of class for some. We are not contenders. Shame shame?


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