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Every backstage experience so far has been vastly different in fluctuating panic patterns. Each designer's standard vision that matured from their favourite daydream happens at the place, the backstage. Where a formula like the simplicity of paper doll instructions, were to fall into into one smooth set up. Or maybe not. Unless the compassionate Vogue supreme were to bestow a Fairy Godmother or Couture Gandalf extending complimentary five-minute all-in prep through the twerk of a wand. Oh, the gift of perfection, and the curse of Murphy's Law [dramatic lightning].

Hysteria dominated make-up artists five minutes before the show - the only take-5 they have to chitter chatter, and for some, pack up their kits and sprint to the next show. From the mindwhirl of two designers to the maniacal circus scramble, it was a full house removing all misinterpretation and restoring that Koonhor essence - immaculateness. With order to remove all nail polish, MUAs kneel as they coax the coated fingernails, rubbing for an extended time bill. Working with the grace of time, a nod spawns unanimously to open the show. A squeaky good sign?

In the midst of catching slick whips in action, no one could have spotted the minute off details. Undeniably, we could certainly see the best in Koon Lim and Catherine Thé, their disciplined set of runway ideals. Wouldn't one see it? The extra effort. It has always been about extending an effortless look. The Koonhor definition that carefully ran the current, refreshing a structural trend. All I could now only foresee, in seasons to come? Their muses deftly balanced in armoured força.

 Shots by Yours Truly

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