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Who would have thought these battle dresses easily upstaged Khaleesi's IT accessory, her dragon? You might also wonder about those shantung gowns and beaded breastplate that gave illusions that Game of Thrones should probably switch up their wardrobe department. All's fair in love and war. Daenerys Targaryen could highly likely hatch more dragons with her 'fringe-pushed-forward'. It could just be me, but I was already hypnotised by breakfast time, crusade ready.

Fear is the heart of riding coats and my dear, Carmen Marc Valvo, has tastefully translated that on the fiery runway. What was vastly driven to the subconscious was the fact that through mosaics of armour women, the evening gown designer metaphorically transformed each muse to the battle ground - another exportation means to a ballroom gala, where the abundance of glitz and glamour weighs a melange short of gunmetal to pop off the champagne. Here's where the collection wins.

Warriors, dancers, gown-gazers, shielding yet darting stares at each other, peering to pierce through the seams where lace and brocade seduce the night, tongues wag to the outstanding dressers. The magic in what Valvo does gets the hearts of steel to release the Persian lamb vest and daringly dethrone the best dressed at the MET gala. Where you'll find your allies, is where you stay burnished gold.

As I narrate, delusional was I, consuming a iridescent plate of couture metal-work while the dragon queen consumed a stallion heart.

 Shots by Yours Truly

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