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Twiggy didn't get the memo that Twig-inspired, wispy side-swept fringe had added generous dimension to RAOUL's fall collection. As if the fringe details gave it all away as with who really framed the 60s glamazons...

It was really the myriad of jewel tones, floral emboss, and monochrome mix that completes the versatility of a RAOUL darling. There were no seen-before looks, only sneakily tucked-to-waist pieces like the leather culottes. Even if there were any chance, #sorrynotsorry. It would be basic to wear the embossed prints, or get down to a gradient tweed blouse. But not a chance for blunder with structure in guise: balloon sleeves, feathered pom dress ends, flare coatlets, and the swankiest kickoffs to boot. 

No one else could envision the modern women made of both versatility and awe much like RAOUL does. Is there a limit as to what the Benjamins can do for our pleasure envisioning the next Mod icon? The very sort with metallic accents illuminating the edge in much poise. As they raise the bar again, I raise my hand. "Pick me, choose me, put me in your clothes", I say.

At most, a well-worth presentation for a 60s #throwback. [Tippy toe dance]

 Shots by Yours Truly

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