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If only I could begin tipping anyone going to New York Fashion Week for the first time in winter: Bring every other impractical clothes you have that are absolutely outrageous. In this time, fun x facade over comfort. But, you can balance this up, in my case, I ended up looking like I'm rocketing off right after the shots were taken, to the Sun, to humidity. I don't care. That was definitely how this gutsy-toothy attire inversely ignited my come-at-me-bro energy on the first day. 
Notice: Crazy cropped sequin top for the space boogie. Okay, illusion's over.
ASOS Coat and sunnies, and baseball leather cap, 3.1 Phillip Lim Mini Pashli BagZara Sequin Cropped Top, H&M Leather Jacket, Houndstooth Pants - similar hereUniqlo HeatTech Underneath                                                                                                                                                   Shots by Ronald W.

Perhaps, if I'm going to expound further, the money's on my texture-ly invisible bralette. That, I made it - to fire off the conversations, the name card mingling, and weird, weird stares - the kind resembling of one having severe constipation. 

You know my tip is materially heavy and sassy when the street photographers outside Lincoln Center present themselves almost like snatch(shot) thiefs, releasing the shutter in multiple ticks, then scrambling off to the next fashion victim. Yes, victim to the winter. Now wear your baseball cap, look up and proud, like you've hit homerun because when you manage to lose that winter struggle of a puffer parka, you already did.

Oh yes I did. [Youthful arrogance talking]  

P.S. That puffer parka would then magically appear right after catching the shows just because... DAMN YOU CAN'T LOSE IT. IT FEELS LIKE A SLEEPING BAG, or in my interpretation, an astronaut's capsule - safe like a lover's hug. I'll swallow my words when you're not reading.