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I'd remember exactly a year ago, my New York dream was to get to Brooklyn and meet my best friend*, it was really that simple, and naive. Who would know that [fast forward] 12 months, I'd be so gleefully looking forward to the shivers (with love and regrets) surrounding Lincoln Center, scouring my snack aisle to binge on festive pork jerky so I'd have digested a good amount of the Lunar New Year fortune in calories, and taking a crash course on being the Anti-Jetlag Heroine while simultaneously repenting the calories with the displacement rule - a muesli bowl. I say, what naivety leads to is priceless, literally.

I must have been too smug about my coats that would closely disguise my binge and bloats for the next few weeks. But that's what joy does to you, no? Being smug, cheeky, and energetic which are all sorts of - crazy**. I'd wanna suddenly wake up and proclaim my excitement by sticking business cards onto a styrofoam board and go streaking in -0 degree across Times Square like a home run. Who needs method acting lessons from Jim Carrey? Who needs to win the genetic lottery? 

All right, I probably need to contain this. 

Now, time to get experimental, time to talk, time to improvise. With jitters and smiles, see you later, city of dreams!

dream big.

*Where we so sadly, drifted apart... end of!
** Thank yous for the kindest invites and the ones who saw and believed, I give you multiples of x

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  1. Keep us updated, sounds too exciting! Can't wait. xx