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The first thing on my check list when we got to Times Square was to hit Radio Shack for a universal adaptor and prepaid data for the upcoming NYFW hustling. Like all tourists do. I panicked, all right?
ASOS Coat, Rebecca Minkoff Mini M.A.C, Topshop Shirt (worn as a skirt), H&M Blazer, Nastygal Leather Pants, Uniqlo HeatTech Underneath                                                                                                                                                                          Shots by Ronald W. and Yours Truly
More of physical importance, the slush that'd have built up overnight was what made my man panic in regret about the Wellies we so impulsively ditched back home. Those heavy weights that could cause us a mildly obese baggage (we call it a burden) were actually going to save our feet. 

Forget about that better-than every boot uppity super Hunter-skank, we ultimately dug comfort in Moroccan Lentil soup that gave us the fluidity in our movements and additional warmth to well, run a good square metre's stretch (no more wild ideas about streaking!) around for photos while carrying leftover pizza. We caught a broadway show - Once, which was spectacular, because I already know it would be... and only Once, or twice, or maybe more, I'd have dozed off. I'm calling you out, Moroccan Lentil soup! It could also be the jetlag. It could more likely be that "Hop the Slush" multiplayer game we were challenged to play around the West Village. The rules are simple, you just gotta keep hopping over stretches of winter mess called The Slush because you will have no choice but take to it as a warm-up. It really gets you going and if you keep it up, you'd get to your bonus - which would be the perfect icing on the Magnolia cupcake. 

And then you get to level up, you do this: Taxi!!!

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  1. I love the night photos of city! You captured it so nicely. I had Moroccan cuisine for the first time in October, and I am so wanting to try it again, it was absolutely delicious! Hope to see more from your trip :)