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If garments could talk, more specifically [laser points] the basic wear category, they would be wise to go under the radar as opposed to their fellow statement wear that went for the risk and maybe, only to fall [shrugs].

Never the breed (I hear you, jersey tops, camisoles, slip dresses, cotton knits, and bralettes*) to be touted to win the popularity contest, lest many chose to overlook potential styling and the lacking aesthetic as an eye-catching trophy. A basic wear is not a trophy, more likely a medal, that's of an instinctive and intangible value, in all sensible measurements. And the beauty of wearing a medal has its lightweight, effortless, yet sociable qualities. Fashion renegades alike came to their senses through seeking originality in reproducing their sartorial ideas. Don't forget that basics are your best bet,  striking up in distinct versatility as a singular trend. More obvious ways to do it here

Lecture begins:
  • All about the Recyclability. A great tool to think out of your body frame. For representation purposes: Layer, Mix, Repeat. Do it right.
The hot problem with statement wear is that people almost immediately recognise that you're wearing that same [in Miranda Priestly's tone] stuff even though that's only the second time you're wearing it [gossips: are you running out of clothes to wear?]. Your defence mechanism won't be quick enough to rescue you from baseless assumptions. Sounds about right?

Which brings me to my next points, 
  • You are never going to get that sort of bollocks asphyxiating your protective old soul. Of course, you have the fantastic stuff that's all hidden because you really like your statement dress and now, with that whispering paranoia, you doubt yourself and start planning on courting back to your basics. 
  • That mouthful of a price on a designer-tagged plain top as compared to an economically priced plain top -- Milk its worth, think cost per wear - a motto that heavily paces my wardrobe space [the boyfriend, mother, and best friend rattle their skulls profusely].

So ending this official blabber that I've had you to sit through: If garments could talk, heck, if basics could talk, and hand you the greatest pocket wisdom of all - "Honey, rumeur has it.

 Now zip it and walk away buddy. Smirk yourself silly.

* After six months of missing out on the divine silk comfort, there is hope. Searching beyond the dark alleys of eBay, I lucked out -- reminded by a voice to revisit A Wang's website, which I assume to be visit number 12, 22, 56, or 70, according to mere exaggeration and my most recent fortune cookie take-away. Yes there is such a thing as a miracle à la new stock. 

Zara heels, Zara Leather Tracks, Mix of Nastygal and Zara Accessories, T by Alexander Wang Bralette 

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