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Now, before I start professing my love for coconuts...

3.1 Phillip Lim Mini Pashli
 Bag, Cameo Primetime Pant, Zara Tee
, Zara Court Shoes, Nastygal Accessories, Young Coconut (highlight of my outfit, perhaps)                                                                                                                                                                                           Shots by EC Ong

Major lazer. If that fully explains what I've resolved for the past half week since 2014 began. Less importantly, being attacked by a slew of viruses should not be why I'm not sewing together my next 12 months in the form of resolutions; even though I may now be writing in an undesirable state of drowsiness. Ain't nobody got time to rest! Frank words from the apparent young and restless.

Maybe I shouldn't have picked up that 10 dollar bill that was wedged right between my vision. With no one in sight to return the money, the pho house was less than 10 steps in front of me, and the thought that I probably could afford a side dish with some loose dirty, led to one dramatic stomach upset and a long wink in bed. God help me.

Flashback 6 days ago, I have had my priorities sorted out, I'd think. Breaking all hell loose with a massive New Year shopping, running head first into PVC gears, sprinting right into the realm of Camo, and storing a myriad of neoprene, marble, and leather loose-'em-ups for any event of "I have got no clothes to wear" mental breakdowns. First things first, I've attained shiny new leather tracks. I'm sorted.

In every case, I'm feeling quite consistent since becoming a Coconut Bandit, I'm the real deal*, hey! A visual style anecdote that completely shaped my resolutions as a whole. Coconuts are life changing, springing a refreshing crop of thought leaders, no? Wait till you try raw virgin coconut oil. Life gets crazier. I managed to sit down one day and give everything a good run-through with coconut water and derived that I needed to be decisive because being indecisive was notably the worse decision made. 

Simply putting it in three words - Go for it. For such, merging fashion and literature into one, which I still do not have an idea on how to go about (cue coconut water). Write heart, write well, possibly. Adding initiatives into the recipe goes a long way, I've found, particularly a good muscle tear down to the palm of my ego.

So here, some words to be put to serious action for the year in a mouthful, or rather, gulps. When it comes to me, presumably, the queen of maximalism (#nowtrending) - the list almost never ends. It could work better than your horoscope forecast for the year, could be more effective than my synchronic drug-like consumption of tea and teeth whitening product purchases. Never mind me. My list can carry the weight of the subtitles in the TED videos I religiously watch, more loosening than the crepe pants I am collecting, and more immediate and interventive than the urgent delivery of this brow pencil

Therefore, I say, keep calm and drink coconut water, fellow bandits. Start being bolder, foresee, and do. Time is ticking.

Now, a good, sacred rinse and you are good as new.

*I was once a rebel at 17, buying nachos off the convenience store, and smearing strangers' car handles with nacho cheese in the wee hours. My friend and I got high from that and we'd retrieve 'em ripe, green cocos from the tree next to her terrace to celebrate our notoriety. Oh glorious did Karma chew my ass, hard on those escapades. I long knew I was made of trouble back in wasted youth.


  1. Love your shoes and your purse! xx


  2. i love the top!


  3. Loving the look especially the top.
    I love some coconut too. I could drink it everyday :)


  4. Go for it, yes!! :p I loooove this outfit, the bag is my favourite but I also love your shirt (and how you wear it) It reminds me a bit of the Brian Lichtenberg ones!! xx

  5. Awesome look! Those trousers are great!

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  6. the shirt <3