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The year end: Of frantic Christmas presents scrambling and a whole lot of birthday planning for my mister. I dare say, with that, I excused myself the luxury of time to be blogging in my usual frequency. And with priority in check, I exported myself to a neoprene jungle.

Featuring Triangl Swimwear in Penny Wanderlust                                               Shots by Ronald W. & Yours Truly

While I was gladly introduced to remain in one position within each spa treatment, I'm now typing this after about fidgeting between 5 different positions with a neck pillow just so I won't squirm in pain repeatedly on the discomfort of my bed. Talk about balance. Damn, the hiccups.

December came and with its withering days passing by swiftly which, I reckon its very blink due to the excessive Christmas shopping and planning my beau - the Maharajah's big thirty. A pretty gap in my budget planning dept, I've decided to book a full day spa at Tempat Senang, some say, you get there and never come back. I believe. 

The seemingly hidden eden tucked in whispers within Sekupang extends to a rather large spa resort and as many happy goers famed - the skinny chambered milk bath, right in the centre of the rustling foliage. We drifted in and dozed out, in semi-consciouness -the best way to savour skin pampering - enter frangipani body scrub, avocado cream hair spa, aroma lavender Balinese massages, and hot body compresses, bringing you back to my primary picture in utter, utter, bliss and rejuvenation. And when it rains, we liken it to another dimension of therapy in the midst of our body scrubs and massages. The outdoor dew shower came to a halt, leaving a steaming layer of mist outside our hut as our masseuses cue us time to enter a breezy indoor rain shower to cleanse up. Timely as is the divine arrangement. We bid goodbye to the WIFI buffet, and lathered ourselves in hot tub like oddly-shaped marshmallows dipped into fondue. Best choice ever? 

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