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H&M LBD, H&M Denim Jacket, Boyfriend's Plaid Shirt, Thrifted Moonstone Bracelet, Pandora Bracelet, Platform Sneakers -- similar here, Tory Burch Shrunken Square Tote, Sacred Hearts X  Unicorn Ring, Freedom Earrings, Sunglasses -- photographer's own                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Shots by Jody C.

Layering fashion comes about appropriately for the fall season, but somehow by the cue of the monsoon season, comes this mood-conceived top bare-bottom heavy fashion. Yes I dig it. I dig the 'Against the rules' line of styling. Kind regards to any school of thought that disapproves of jacket-skirt layering, but I'd very well be suppressing my laughter in coughs when it comes to bending one's style policy. Nobody wants to be boring.

Actually, yes, my mother would say a thing or two, I for one would understand why for she's top to toe made out of a sane mind. The same person that also undeservingly scored a high merit for codependency with sassy tongue -- me as a rebel -- as I defend what I wore over my pubescent years all in the name of experimenting. Ladies. 

Oh yes, so now, hello from the woman that's finally through and out and back in again to fashion -- the only platform and parallel universe where you can actually commit suicide and simultaneously in another perspective be drop dead gorgeous. And as for my mother, who's presently desensitised to more than my unusual ways, have become more receptive and respectful to the elegance of mood swings into my wardrobe choices.  

Unusual ways: Case in point in my own casual terms:

Big black chunkies
Hip tuck via boyfriend's shirt (inclusive of a certain pore-ish moisture and warmth) + denim jacket
'Hamster' bag

What do you classify as a lost cause?