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Oh, the kick I get from the cult of beauty... almost like palate cleansing.  

As a mere lookout for a rough sample of peachy toned products lately, 3 Concept Eyes (3CE) found the right place and time to ram into my world. Results? Look at the haul, look at it. The habit of replenishing is hardly forming for any bum like me so I go shopping by the "Twins Method" - buying in pairs. Supplementing to the initial thought process when selecting items into the cart, 3CE is currently sitting on the throne as an amazing 'IT' beauty product brand, representing the dollfaces in most parts of Asia from my keen eye.

Featured above, are well, products that I reckon, would fit nicely into the mesh pouch and God forbid I enter their website for another round of frivolous combing. Spot the face mist! Here's why it's great. I used to exclaim to my friend in jest, "Why is your face perspiring?!" I never understood why a face mist is so important until now that I promise to make it an essential routine, my long-term take to epitomise healthy skin. Well, that was a classic. And my lesson to you would be that perspiring on your face deems you flawless. How otherworldly. Go figure!
For obvious aesthetic reasons, I've decided to get the Pink Kabuki even though I'm already eyeing on a brush set, because greed. Also, as the third parties between my lover and I, their Lip Lacquer and Lipgloss (one matte, one glossy) in a perfect peach colour, are regularly stealing my puckers away. That being said, I noticed a sudden upward spiral of delight from Ron le Boo (an endearing term that sounds a lot like rendezvous) during my off-duty days.

Now, now, on to the second part of this post:
I've been meaning to do this for quite some time now... A giveaway! I've been really thankful for the support and feedback from you -- my readers, friends and fellow bloggers alike. Also, in lieu of the approaching thanksgiving (no turkey, just love) and my recent obsession with Korean cosmetics and skincare, I'd like to make your day by conducting a giveaway contest, or more likely, a Giftaway that comes together with a small surprise and a typewritten letter via my typewriter (yay, penpals!).* 

Are you lying in the comfort of anticipation now?

I'll be giving away the Powdery Lip and Cheek in Popo! It's a soft bubblegum pink lip and cheek stain encased in a pot. There are different ways to use the pot and this is how the colour performs. Gem! Another quick inspiration here.

How to enter:

Tell me "The one beauty product that you can't live without" to my email (rachel@boyofcommonthings.com) OR the comment box below

So gimme all ya lovin'!

Be sure to make it quick! I'll be closing this contest on 24 November 2013, Sunday, 23:59 UTC +08:00 (does that one minute difference not induce a sense of urgency?), winner will be announced on the following blog post. Please follow this one tiny rule - one entry per person, I don't manage my spam mails very well! 
Virtual whistles blown! Now go get fans of 3CE cosmetics, your friends, your pets, and everyone else know take part to double your chances! You can also share this on Instagram by regramming and tagging @racheljueyun.

EDITED: The winner has been contacted. Congratulations, Marie Hazlyn!

Dusts you with powdered alicorn

* This Giftaway is not geographically restricted. Complimentary shipping!


  1. I can't live without SPF50+ sunblock. Gotta protect the delicate face from the harmful rays!!! Crucial. ;)

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