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It all started from the day I got into a frenzy -- I remembered it was the day Laura Marling's fourth album was released. I frantically checked through all her tour dates, no luck. And soon, it was everyday, pretty obsessive if I were to look back then. I stopped doing that creepy activity after 3 days, cheers to my great attention span. By some intuition, on a rather listless day at work, I decided to go online for another search. And there it was, a listing on Songkick that she'll be on tour in Australia during winter. It's funny how this trip was spontaneously planned because of a woman and my ever endearing man. The rest, as they say, is history.

                                                                                                                                                                          Shots by Ronald W.

(Clockwise from top left: Ricotta Rose Pancakes, Wild Mushroom Polenta, Awkwardly seated with a twitch among hippies at Proud Mary, Oysters at Queen Victoria Market, Picnic at the State Library, Pigeon Watching at the State Library, Face sucking by the Pier, Legendary Pavlova, The Old-Fashioned Monarch Cakes)

My initial draw-up of must-dos was hideous, quite like a train map that exports you right into somewhere between delusional time travel and eye ball hysteria. The crumpled art piece has now been artistically framed by my man in a "Lesson Learnt" Museum.

I'm not the best person to speak of the sacred coffee culture in Melbourne. If it makes a rather fitting disclaimer in this guide.

Proud Mary

I do actually think that the cafe culture in Melbourne is fantastic. We did have a spirit of cafe hopping around so we went to a few, but this cafe is worth a mention from food to Bon Iver-esque busboys to its hide'n'seek potential in its location. The cafe is as true as it gets, you see Melbournians in their individual get-up from hippies to boys in tank tops and it was winter, mind you. If you're time-strapped, I'll let you know to skip over-hyped cafes like The Hardware Societe (absolutely stunned to see the cafe flocked with 90% Asians/Instagram Foodies). I'd advise you to leave your name and go shopping for 30 minutes before you get seated if you wonder about the crowd at the Collingwood coffeehouse. Their seasonal item -- Wild Mushroom Polenta promises some serious soprano in your tummy (and palate). And the Ricotta Pancakes topped with caramelised peaches, pistachios, and rose mascarpone spearheads your meal to a complete experience. Proudest.


I told Ron, this is the place where I'm coming back to have my 24th Birthday Cake. Enough said. The deceptively ordinary Pavlova is my baby.

Monarch Cakes

Vintage plates, checked. Amazing cake store display, checked. I've always wanted to try authentic European cakes, and in this lovely joint sprinkled with a charming man by the counter to take our orders affirmed its taste value. The Chocolate Kugelhopf (pronounced koo-gle-lof) achieved its cult status through the luscious swirls that melts with every bite. Watching Amélie did spur me to saying "yes" to a pretty slice of Plum Cake but I guess I'm wasn't able to appreciate its exquisite flavour even with sugar sprinkles. Never mind that, its variety of old-fashioned cakes made the tiny store at Acland Street outstanding among the modern street-scapes entitled with an old world charm.

Camberwell Sunday Market

It's a huge pity that I didn't get to go here but as recommended by the loveliest people I know, this is thrift heaven for people like me or in fact, anyone. Funny that we overslept on the day we were to go to Great Ocean Road so we had to forgo the entire plan for Sunday. Just like many would do the same, thrift hard for me!

Queen Victoria Market

For the freshest produce! Solely great for oysters, fried jam-filled donuts, and people-turned-pigeon watching to fend off your chips.

St.Kilda Pier

Peering into the sunset while strolling along the pier can actually last a little longer. 45 minutes into a visual timelapse, you find yourself stargazing while the sky's still at an orange-blue gradient. Bliss!

Picnic by the State Library Lawn

Krispy Kreme! La Petite Crepes! Sushirrito! San Churro! Freshly Pressed Juice! And you're all good to be a Spring God in the winter.

As for the lack of coffee feature, I'd kindly refer anyone to my beau for details. I hope someone will find this random list helpful or insightful in time to come. A Melbourne Lookbook next! 


  1. What a lovely photos!

    xx Mounia

  2. Witty writing, cool travel spots (too bad Australia is just a bit out of reach from where I live...), cute mobile shots, crazy good serious photography... what else is there to look for in a blog?
    Not even trying to suck up, but right now I'm genuinely asking myself how I had lived up until now without reading your blog.

    Needless to say, you have a new follower from Spain stalking you on google + and bloglovin.
    Kisses from Spain xxx
    La vie en low-cost

    1. Thank you dear! I'm currently savouring every bit of your words with the afterthoughts of this post. That was a confetti of compliments that's making my week. I strive to create quality content (hopefully in time to come with no additives and preservatives in terms of press releases) and that's all that matters. I'm running my clicks through your blog (addictive stuff, please don't ever stop!).


  3. amazing! i love this!!! aww, i love a good coffee shop! x


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  4. So pretty and I like that coat you're wearing :) that coffee shop looks so good and the food looks delicious! Thanks for sharing :) lovely post and I really like your blog dear <3


    1. Thank you for your kind words, Nicole! I'll be happy to share more when you plan your visit to Melbourne. Your blog and you make such lovely reads for me.


  5. That coffee shop has featured in my instagram feed for the past week - I can't wait to get down there in a few weeks time and try it out. Looks like you had a delightful time xx

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    1. I did, Bianca! And I hope you will savour every moment there. Have more fun for me!


  6. You look so beautiful! Great post!

    Kirsten x


  7. That first picture is so dope!! love the next ones too, you look so happy! <3

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  8. Great post! Totally love the photos :)

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  11. Beautiful pictures! xx