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"Maybe it'd be a bright idea to wear this dress...", as I pondered upon fishing this ancient piece out of my closet days before I wore it to a fashion show.

Topshop Dress, Larsson and Jennings Watch, Alex Monroe Necklace, Tory Burch Shrunken Square Tote, H&M Leather Jacket, H&M Hat, Zara Holographic Heels                                                                                                                                                                                                       Shots by Jody C.

Being quite the cautious walker that I am, I frantically started trying on the dress, almost several times before hitting an invisible chop stamp on it. 


1. Can I still fit into this off-season dress? Afterall, UK 6, hmm, not my best bet with regards to fluctuating waist sizes when all I wanted was to make ends meet (with my lower thighs instead of my calves).

2. This is one attention-seeking number.

These thoughts definitely ran right past and somehow illegally over the sensor of my cerebrum's purchasing dept. That's all I'd vaguely recall. Having said so, I regret nothing. 

Except, I heard someone hissed, "Halloween's here." That was me, as I quipped in a casual fashion. Because, if I were to continue hoarding this slinky salmon which length is getting a little too short personally for me, I don't know when else to flaunt this sporty score and go, "Game on, suckers!"


  1. You look amazing, the hat looks great on you. :)

    feel free to check out my blog

  2. Oh la la, love seeing some nocturnal shots from you! Seriously, from the technical point of view these pictures are pretty boss. You look perfect in that dress, and size UK 6... you tiny Asians!! Anyways, you look really foxy in that dress and I think you achieved a balance between sporty and dressy.
    Drooling over your mini Tory Burch satchel yet again...
    In your latest entry you mention going to the FIDé fashion week, is the fashion show you refer to on this entry also from the same event?
    I had never heard of it, but just now I skimmed through their website a little bit... it's cool that tickets were accessible through sale! What shows did you attend? :)

    La vie en low-cost

    1. Thank you, Carmen! I'd have my photographer to thank for! I hope you'll find the satchel in black soon!

      And yes, it's the same event that's being held for 2 weeks, thus FIDé Fashion Weeks. It showcases men and women couture and yes, you can buy the tickets but only the third row is for the public. I attended the Julien Fournie show as well as the Julien Fournie x Love Bonito! I have to say, Mister Fournie has romantic chic all written on his pieces as his muses graced the runway in slick updos.

      Here's a peek:

      I can't contain myself especially with the softer gowns, they are all pretty bronzey but the amazing thing is that this man can make such a pretty badass combination with embellishments. Nothing's sartorially impossible for this man. Mad! I would say.



      Super xx,

  3. Stunning outfit! I love that hat and the jacket styled that way

    The Koalafornian x

  4. great post! would you like to follow eachother?

  5. love your hat and earrings! :*


  6. Edgy outfit! xx