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H&M Leather Jacket, Leather Ankle Boots - similar hereH&M Texture Dress, Larsson and Jennings Watch, Tory Burch Shrunken Square Tote, ASOS Sunglasses, H&M Accessories, Round Sunglasses - photographer's own                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Shots by Jody C.

I'm one of those unfortunate ones who gets tanned almost within 15 minutes of sun exposure so this photo set was quite a mean feat! I recently came back from Melbourne (I miss that place almost too much), and I am caught in the inevitable wanderlust again. It was worse as I walked on the train tracks -- kills me. I do want to know what makes the jacket --> cape look so fierce and on trend though, someone enlighten me? Yes, I'm doing it and I don't know why, the law of attraction x life's mystery. My baby hair, up one more life's mystery for me. 

Switching the conversation dial back on travelling, I reckon the upcoming two months to be a material drought for me since I'll be saving up for a fine trip next year. I'll also be doing up a Melbourne guide/lookbook of sorts in the next few upcoming posts so keep 'em eyes peeled. Anything to revive the good times!


  1. Beautiful outfit, nice shots.


  2. Oh my god I am so in love with this look and I loove those flower sunglasses! Great blog and style dear, so glad I found your blog xx


  3. My keyboard is probably resenting you for this post right now (because I'm drooling over it as I stare at your Tory Burch mini satchel) If I may ask, where did you buy it in the black colour? Is it from a season past? I had seen it recently on Shopbop, but only in a weird teal colour and a gorgeous mustard.
    The leather-jacket-as-a-cape picture is an inevitable classic. Actually, any outerwear piece worn as a cape is très chic, but the reason behind that coolness is a mystery to modern physics...
    This shoot is superb, props to your photographer. And well, it's understood that your outfit is magically perfect.

    Sorry for stalking your blog so much, but I just can't believe you don't have like a gazillion followers fangirling over everything you post like I am doing right now.
    La vie en low-cost

    1. Aww, Thank you Carmen, you are such a darling, you know that? The Tory Burch bag was bought at their very own boutique in Singapore. I've not seen the bag (in black) around online yet but I think this lovely bag will surface itself very soon. It's actually one of the new arrivals, because I only got it 2 months ago fresh from the display set! Here, I'm sticking virtual 4-leaf clovers, horseshoes, and unicorn sprinkles hoping you'll get your hands on this very soon!

      Ha! Ah, finally some enlightenment on my cape mystery. You are amazing. I'll let my photographer know, she'd love you (and love to shoot you)!

      Pouring all my love for you right now!


  4. Great post! I love your sunnies so so much! They are amazing.


  5. Killer sunnies! Lovely post!
    Sincerely, Blanche! xx