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"Maybe it'd be a bright idea to wear this dress...", as I pondered upon fishing this ancient piece out of my closet days before I wore it to a fashion show.



  | Outfit |
In all Scottish glory, I'd decided to go full-on preppy, as I make my way to FIDé Fashion Weeks. While I beg your tartan, I was ambushed by a bevy of luscious Love Bonito frocks (yes, I get the memo). Let's be square, it's all about individuality, however so, I was unprepared at the darting stares with regards to my pattern expression. 



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It all started from the day I got into a frenzy -- I remembered it was the day Laura Marling's fourth album was released. I frantically checked through all her tour dates, no luck. And soon, it was everyday, pretty obsessive if I were to look back then. I stopped doing that creepy activity after 3 days, cheers to my great attention span. By some intuition, on a rather listless day at work, I decided to go online for another search. And there it was, a listing on Songkick that she'll be on tour in Australia during winter. It's funny how this trip was spontaneously planned because of a woman and my ever endearing man. The rest, as they say, is history.