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SUPER HAIKU MUSE Tuxedo Romper, Zara Pants, Zara Heels, Alex Monroe Necklace, Chanel Earrings, Ray-Ban Sunglasses, Casio Watch                                                                                                                                                                                                          Shots by Ronald W. and Yours truly

I don't think I would actually try on a pair of decent pants if anyone were to know me 3 years ago. I'm just about the laziest person ever. I'd normally don a pair of unflattering shorts and a babydoll top most of the time in school. Little did I know, that look caused me the biggest faux pas that I came to realise now. I wasn't extremely particular with dressing up until recently, I finally understood how important it is to find clothes that really fit. You really have to do your homework because that makes a whole lot of difference, to cut the long story short.

I wore this outfit for my anniversary since I was asked by my man to go with a Parisian theme. I absolutely adore the tux cut romper that can be worn in 2 ways (and best worn sans bra with fashion tape). I wore it as a top instead. So a little about SUPER HAIKU MUSE, it is a web store that I started last year during my self-declared holiday. It is now under a long revamp due to my job and university. If anyone's interested in this romper, I will be opening a pre-order -- in Noir and Valentine Red, anyone who's interested can drop me an email at rachel@boyofcommonthings.com. The beautiful bouquet is from Shop Wonderland, thoughtfully re-arranged with my favourite blooms.   

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