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Say "Hi" to the beautiful Alex Monroe bee necklace! I've been lusting after the bee for exactly 2 years but found no reason to buy for myself. The magical part happens when its wings flicker according to the body's natural movement. A symbol of eloquence and love, I was told to keep writing, to keep buzzing, to let the letters continue to murmur out the ambrosial cheer to literature.

Ron and I have been together for 2 years now. I would say that it hasn't been easy for him especially because most times, I sting, like a bee. As for him, he treats me like his Queen every day, without fail. I think it's a trait I obviously overlooked before dating him. I remember I used to say, "Whoever's dating him must have the worst luck." I apologise because I used to be so mean.

Certainly, we look forward to plans we've made and the little surprises every day. You are my boy with new romantic ways. And this is my informal ode to you.

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