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These pictures just gave me a massive reminder to trim the unkempt hair. Not a lot of people know this but blue's my favourite colour. So, whenever I'm all decked out in blue, I'm unusually confident. It has become one of those colours I wear primarily for particularly awkward social gatherings. 

Love Bonito Blazer, Vintage Knitted Crop Top, Lace Shorts - similar here, Zara Heels, Alex Monroe Necklace, Chanel Earrings, D-I-Y sunglasses, Opal Ring                                                                                                                                                                                                         Shots by Ronald W.

I'm wearing my staple knitted top, it's extremely comfortable, and thrifted item I got from this designer sale at R's 'hipster' hangout place (God knows I shudder every time he labels practically everyone 'Indie' or 'Hipster'). I tore out the tag so I can't exactly remember what label it was. 

Oh, and I sit on the ground, a lot. Heavy glutes.

Stay gold and grounded


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  1. OMG such a lovely outfit, everything detail is pretty.